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Thursday, January 12th, 2006

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    ode to my friend, who makes me happy
    things equal depressing
    suicide equals life drainer. T_T
    i can make people cry with my stories of fiction
    evn though they think i'm going to kill my self.
    i'm not that bad
    i like chicken nuggets
    and munkins of the people brand
    with their snazzy plutonium boots and their cell phones
    and yes that is a lot of water
    hey look its my spit
    I do agree with what Max wrote on your shoe
    Clamyedia in the eye, which i'm still sorry about
    I wonder if those bombs she has are real......(Shamploo)
    your totally great friend i am glad you found someone. if you had a myspace you'd be in my top 8
    no question about it
    And with you i will always watch for da poop
    and I'll call ya mama for a special cake with a secret filling in it, Not your mother
    i don't think we need to include chris in any of our plans
    Amy Who?....:)
    Wal-Mart you can get anything there
    your mailbox is screaming of federal offense.
    i feel better now, and i thank my very cool friend no matter what drama weirdos say about them. they take the cake on everthing i haven't eaten yet cause i'm still forbidden to eat at their house.
    But i cna have milk and cheese though... :D

    Current Mood: way better then when i started

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